About Me

I am a poet trained at Nottingham Trent University, Creative Writing MA and Cambridge University, post-graduate certificate in creative writing teaching. These developed my craft but I have also taught for many years in Higher Education and won a Vice-Chancellor’s  Award for Teaching Excellence in 2018. I use poetry in my regular teaching and also make use of role play and other creative ways to support development of students.  I also use poetry within my regular teaching for I believe that tapping the emotion and other ways of knowing the world, not just the academic, are important. Whilst I have spent time in Higher Education and achieved a PhD I have really learnt as much outside of University as within, in fact I could not have taught if not for this wider life experience and travel. I love going to non league football and meeting people with so many stories. I originally wrote after being inspired by interviews with older people in care homes for a Doctorate. Their words were poetic and inspirational but my love of non league football inspired me to continue writing and seek publication. The Hinterlands writing was informed by  places unknown to many but valued by those that live there. I recall sitting at a game at Pontefract Collieries when they played Sheffield a few years back talking with a father of one of the players, hearing his story. The conversation  was memorable, the place had pride, it is hard to forget.  Writing for the non league paper is a joy as is writing for Sheffield FC and Sporting Khalsa, two wonderful clubs. I write to deadline, composing poems over a few days helps focus. It is a labour of love.

I have taught overseas, in Germany, to German and Russian Students and once had a poem of mine translated into German to the students in the class.

My book ’21 days’ focuses on a trip to Singapore  and Malaysia in 2019 and three weeks touring around but noticing things and experiences that simply tourists may miss. I have related family out there and also went with an eye for the different or unusual. I focus on the food, the places, the people and from Chin Swee Road and some poverty, to the Kallang River and the opulence of the Hatton Hotel in Malacca. I even took in a world cup qualifier between Singapore and Yemen, a 2-2 score but the experience of being there in the The Singapore Hub was something to remember.

All this, just before the global pandemic and so much changed.

But there is still a copy in ‘five leaves’ book shop and I would love some feedback on this work.

Currently work in hospice care, working with patients, facilitating their thoughts and memories, also teach English as a Foreign Language to Refugees.

I have two books for Sale: ’21 Days’  ( 2021) in ‘five leave book shop Nottingham, priced £10

21 days

and then ‘Hinterlands’ ( 2022) again, five leave book shop, Nottingham, priced £10- also on the ‘Waterstones’ Catalogue


Publication in Singapore Libraries

My book ’21 Days’ – a poetic journey from Singapore to Malaysia’ was and is housed in the National Singapore Libraries

Poet for Sheffield FC and Sporting Khalsa FC

I write regularly for both these clubs with poems on the Sheffield FC web pages ( this club is the oldest football club in the world) and in the match programme of Sporting Khalsa. I have also read poems on the Tannoy before games commence, to a crowd. I have been poet for Sheffield since the spring of 2023 and for Khalsa since early 2023.  I have written of the site for the new ground to the club shop and floodlights, the links are as below.

Poetic match reports for the Non – League Newspaper

Regular reports for this national newspaper, written in poetic form. This is once a month and is called ‘Final Whistle’.  the poems are written of aspects of the game but more often the setting and something about the place, from my first one in Ilkeston ‘Diamonds in the Rain’ when Rushden and Diamonds came to town and I sat near Journalists from Diamonds Radio- to places far and wide. Look out for my column and get in touch with any feedback. The paper is available in supermarkets including the co-op and WH Smith.

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