Talks and Media Work


I have given talks to many groups on my poetry, promoting the books and sharing stories of writing and the writing process as well as the finished books. 

Much of my poetry is travel based, not just ’21 Days’ but many other works and will be pleased to present to groups. I have received really good feedback on my talks.

Can also give talks to football clubs, particularly non-league on my work and what inspires it. 

I can be ‘booked’ by clubs and groups to come and talk and also give publicity and promote other clubs with my words. 

Media work

I write for the non-league paper, a national paper, and have done since January, 2023, the column is called ‘Final Whistle’ and.

is in the paper once a month, they are poetic match reports.

I have written for local publications with the following articles and features

A review and recommendation

A feature in ‘late tackle’ on a trip to Mid Wales- to borderlands.

Article in Late Tackle- latest

Writing poetic match reports since January 2023 for ‘The Non League Paper- here is an article from last summer.

Poet for Sheffield FC- the oldest club in the World. Since spring 2023, poems once a month on their web pages


Chapters in text books that convey my poetry- Book : Key themes in health and social care