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The New Book and other poetry

My new book ‘ The Return to Hinterlands’ is now being edited and the book will come out in September/October. I have loved writing it and hope you love reading it. Again, 24 games and poems for those games but this book is about more than football, its about people and places, and can be […]

Friends at the top

I went to Notts County the other night, a rare venture to league football. I am not used to going to a match with 11,000 supporters there. The game was pulsating and Stockport won it with dynamic football. Notts were great up front but made big errors at the back. But the game itself was […]

Hinterlands in perspective- the distant and the familiar

My second hinterlands book will be published this autumn but one may wonder why the title ‘Hinterlands’. The term means ‘an area lying beyond what is visible or known’. Non league football clubs are lying beyond what is visible to much of the mainstream press or media and are not recognised, except in passing. But […]

New book progress

I am writing the second ‘Hinterlands’ right now and most of the poems have been written, first draft. I have been to some lovely and diverse places from borders of england and some really low league games in obscure places, meant for football and poems. And met some interesting people from Goole and Grimsby to […]

European Night of Old- at Enfield

I was out at Enfield FC, what a club, what a spirit and what a european night of old! I saw them play Llanwit Major in the Fenix Trophy, a champions league for non league, if you like. The night was classic. Growing up watching Nottingham Forest in europe, I was not a fan as […]

Poems for the first club- in late tackle feature

Carlton Town FC- and the best of us

The game thrives so often on unpleasantness, eternal conflicts of tribal natures on social and anti-socialĀ media and the game having too much importance. But here on Saturday at Carlton the exact opposite. All those I spoke to had a cheary word and a more philosophical and gentle approach. And even the goalkeeper of Stockton said […]

Mersey spirit

Went to Marine FC in Crosby, Liverpool at the weekend as a guest of the club. What a wonderful place, with a spirit. The ground is so close to the houses and of course the beach is not far away at Blundellsands. The local community appears to have strong association with the club. The players […]

New poem as club poet for Sheffield FC

  this one based on a game played there, Sheffield DevelopmentĀ  won 3-2 against Worksop Town Reserves and I found a few things to write about on a cold January day, it was more about the place than the game, although a good game…