Mersey spirit

Went to Marine FC in Crosby, Liverpool at the weekend as a guest of the club. What a wonderful place, with a spirit. The ground is

so close to the houses and of course the beach is not far away at Blundellsands. The local community appears to have strong

association with the club. The players arrive humbly to me met by supporters and at the end they mingle with the fans and

there were handshakes. How can that be so different to the premier league, no tension , no big expectations, ego or nonsense

just sport and a spirit, a spirit by the Mersey.  Yes, Marine won 4-0 and they played well but that was not my main memory.

Bradford Park Avenue were also gracious and despite their loss held their heads up with no venom anywhere.  It was

a pleasure to be there on a bright sunny day and my poem for ‘the non league paper’ appears there on  March 3rd