European Night of Old- at Enfield

I was out at Enfield FC, what a club, what a spirit and what a european night of old! I saw them play Llanwit Major in the Fenix Trophy, a champions
league for non league, if you like. The night was classic. Growing up watching Nottingham Forest in europe, I was not a fan as my side were the other
side of the trent, but an admirer. Their games against the likes of Cologne and Grasshoppers Zurich were classic, full of spirit. In its own way
so was the night at Enfield, when this welsh side came to their lovely Art Deco stand and ground in Middlesex. The home side won 3-2 but it was the
joyous atmosphere that stood out, with both sides involved in a cracking spirit. I sat in the press area with informed and interesting people and
devotees of the club. Winning was important but not overly. How refreshing to get away from the premier league and its point deductions, hypocrisy ,
double standards and double speaks. This was football with a soul and writing poetry came easy. I will have my work in the non league paper edition
a week on Sunday, March 31st. Words did not fail me!