Friends at the top

I went to Notts County the other night, a rare venture to league football. I am not used to going to a match with 11,000 supporters there. The game was pulsating and Stockport won it with dynamic football. Notts were great up front but made big errors at the back. But the game itself was entertaining and I enjoyed it. But that did not seem the same for others in the stand. There was a grimness, ‘sack the manager’ and that sort of thing and analysis of the game devoid of any humour – from some.

How I missed the good banter of non league and the realisation that it’s not that serious. Relatively close to the action than the totally distant premier league but not as close as non league in any sense. And if one wanted evidence of levels of seriousness at another level, look over to Nottingham Forest and the ‘end of the world’ mood at the prospect of relegation. There are not so many friends at the top.