The New Book and other poetry

My new book ‘ The Return to Hinterlands’ is now being edited and the book will come out in September/October. I have loved writing it and hope you love reading it. Again, 24 games and poems for those games but this book is about more than football, its about people and places, and can be read without any interest in non league.

I have a book launch for the book in October at Five Leaves Bookshop, see the web site for details of this launch.

That apart have been writing other poems based on travel including a trip many years ago to Moscow, the memory still lives on and I wrote a poem for a health and social care setting based on that memory. The place moved me, the lakes and the tower blocks and the chandeliers on the underground. The poverty but also the warmth of the people.

Poetry is just words, but we all have them and memories.